Birthday Girl!

I’m 5 years old!  It was my birthday on 5th February and I got to have “cake” and presents.

I woke up early because I was too excited to sleep in so I sneaked upstairs and woke up mum and dad by jumping on their bed.  They didn’t mind too much, they secretly love morning cuddles with me even if I do put my fur all over the bed.  Anyway, I got mummy and daddy up and we went downstairs to open my presents.  I got a new teddy and a new ball which are now at the top of my toy box and I play with them every day.

Later in the afternoon, I got to have some “cake” which had a candle on it.  The cake was really a Lamb Meatloaf and it was delicious!  I got a bit of help blowing out the candle but I didn’t need any help eating the cake.  I went to the park afterwards and played with my friends and they all got a bit of cake too.  Mummy said I needed to burn off the calories so I got an extra long play.  I love birthdays….only 354 days to go until I’m 6!

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Postal Deliveries
I'm sorry to say that for the immediate future, we will not be posting out any dog treats. As we don't use any preservatives, our treats need to be refrigerated to be kept fresh. Unfortunately, we have been let down by the postal services and goods have not been arriving at their freshest. We are looking into other options and will update the website soon. In the meantime, please contact me on 07780 796520 if you have any questions.