Naughtiness at Pets at Home

Last week, Mummy took me to Pets at Home and apparently I was naughty (again!)  Where I live, Pets at Home is the only shop that I’m allowed in so I love going there, especially as there’s lots of things there that I am interested in.  Anyway, when we go, we always park outside the shop and then Mummy lets me out of the boot and I wait to be put on my lead and am normally well behaved.

Well, this time, I recognised where we were going and I got really excited.  There were a couple of other doggies outside the shop and they were calling me over to say hello, so, as soon as Mummy opened the boot I jumped out and ran straight over the other dogs.  It was just coincidence that their Mummy’s went into the shop at exactly the same time that I got to the door but I couldn’t resist going in with them.  Once I was in, I remembered that this shop has loose dog treats in a huge tub so I ran over to them.  They were a little higher than I remembered so I had to stand up with my front paws over the tub in order to get to them.  And this was how Mummy found me when she came into the shop.

I don’t know why, but she seemed to be cross with me for doing this and I got put straight onto my lead and led straight out of the shop and back to the car.  The ladies in the shop didn’t mind that I was helping myself; they seemed to find it funny but Mummy was really embarrassed and wouldn’t let me stay.  I don’t think I’ll be allowed back there again soon 🙁



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Postal Deliveries
I'm sorry to say that for the immediate future, we will not be posting out any dog treats. As we don't use any preservatives, our treats need to be refrigerated to be kept fresh. Unfortunately, we have been let down by the postal services and goods have not been arriving at their freshest. We are looking into other options and will update the website soon. In the meantime, please contact me on 07780 796520 if you have any questions.