Sticks and Stones…

I have two different paces of walking – dead slow and dead quick. I go slow when I walk straight from the house, because I know where I’m going, or when I go near the canal because I know that the journey doesn’t last long.  If Mum or Dad lost me, or I lost them, I reckon I could find my own way home – I’ve looked out of the window often enough to know which way to go.

This week  I went quick though as we went a long way away to a place called Suffolk. This was exciting because I wasn’t the only one who hadn’t been there before. Dad said it was virgin territory, and I think I understood.

We stayed in  a lovely pub which was a stone’s throw away from the beach, which was funny really as the beach was full of lots of stones to throw.  It wasn’t the sandy beach that I was used to, but it was just as much fun.

I didn’t count, but I think I beat the most number of times I’ve run into the sea to fetch a stick in one week.  There weren’t many sticks around so when he found a good one, Dad kept it in his ruck sack. We kept it for two days, then he threw it too far and I think it probably ended up in Holland.

The sun shone all the time we were there, which made all the playing thirsty work. We bought a new drinking bottle on our trip and they kept disappearing into toilets to fill it up – from the tap I think.

There’s nothing like a bit of exercise to build up an appetite, and Mum was on hand to reward my good behaviour with some Cheesy Hearts.  Dad watched a programme on telly that  said he had to cut down on the amount of meat he eats, so I thought I would show him how it’s done.

Looking at what he was tucking away at breakfast, dinner and tea, I don’t think he has started yet….

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Postal Deliveries
I'm sorry to say that for the immediate future, we will not be posting out any dog treats. As we don't use any preservatives, our treats need to be refrigerated to be kept fresh. Unfortunately, we have been let down by the postal services and goods have not been arriving at their freshest. We are looking into other options and will update the website soon. In the meantime, please contact me on 07780 796520 if you have any questions.