Meet Ella

Ella is our lovely yellow Labrador who joined our family in the Spring of 2010. She was one of 11 puppies brought into this world by Raven, an aptly name black Lab (she gets her looks from her Mum and her colour from her Dad!),Ella

Ella is the first dog we’ve had, and before we had her we didn’t quite realise how special she would be to us, and how much a part of the family she would become. We never quite realised that we would call ourselves Mummy and Daddy, or that she would have three sisters (of the two legged variety). And having dealt with three girls growing up and all the fun that that brings, we can’t believe the similarities between human and canine parenting.

We’ve always been very careful about what we eat, preferring to eat food that’s been cooked from scratch. So of course, when it came to Ella, we didn’t feel comfortable feeding her treats packed full of ingredients that began with numbers and sounded like chemical equations so we started making our own. This quickly escalated to baking for Ella’s friends and then growing into a small business.

Now, most dogs will do anything to fill their bellies, but Labradors seem to be worse than most. Ella’s full range of tricks come out for a treat – food is one of her absolute favourite things, and when it’s baking time, you can always find her sat in front of the oven, waiting for them to come out!

We never realised how much love we would both give and receive in equal measure from having Ella – but we do now And if you’re reading this, contemplating what treats to get for your lovely doggie,you’ll know exactly what we mean.