What a lovely week I’ve had

Well, what a lovely week I’ve had! My mummy has been busy baking lots of yummy treats so that she can photograph them for my new website. It’s been lovely, but torture too because all I’ve been smelling all week is delicious treats and I’ve spent a lot of my time sitting by mummy’s oven waiting for them to come out so that I can eat them! Because mummy had to bake so many treats, she had to give some to my friends on the park. Now, I love my friends (who you can see on my “Taste Testers page”), and I am a very generous doggy who likes to share so I didn’t mind so much that they got to eat my treats. I suppose I will have to get used to that idea now that mummy has set up my website.

At the weekend, my friend Gracie, a Golden Retriever came to stay with me. She brought her mummy and daddy and her 2 legged sisters too. I had a really fun time playing all day long with Gracie. We got into trouble a couple of times when we knocked drinks over onto the carpet, but, it was worth it! Gracie loved the Liver Cake and Cheesy Beefy Bones that mummy had baked. She copied me in sitting by the oven and waited with me for them to come out and she said it was well worth it!! I felt sorry for Gracie at night though because she slept in the kitchen and had to smell the lovely treats all night long but couldn’t find them to eat them!
On Bank Holiday Monday, my mummy and daddy took me for a very long walk. They walked 15 miles but I think I did double that as there were too many things to go and sniff and look at so I did go off track a little. Mummy gave me Beefy Bites and Honey Hearts along the way and they were delicious. I hope we get to go on another long walk soon……..