Taste Testers

!cid_1_3186881360@web87402_mail_ir2_yahoo Meet William Pogue, a Beagle born in 2011. William is full of character as you can see and is the life and soul of play time on the park. His hobbies are dressing up, posing and eating. His favourite treats are our sausage squidgies – and he knows he will do anything to get one, as you can see!
DOG1 Meet Lily, Lily is a Bichon Frise born in 2011. Her hobbies include chewing cables, hiding toys and being the boss! Lily is the smallest dog in the play group but is most definitely in charge.
Darcy the Jack Russell Meet Darcy the Jack Russell. She was born in 2006 and loves nothing better than eating and sleeping. Darcy loves coming home from her morning walks to find her Ella Treats waiting for her. After hiding away and eating them, she loves to snuggle down for a long, lazy nap.
Batman The Shih Tzu Meet Batman, the Shih Tzu who was born in 2011. Batman loves all things foodie and is a hoarder. It’s not unusual to find him scurrying around looking for treats that he has hidden in various unusual places.
Gracie the Golden Retriever Meet Gracie Dodwell, a Golden Retriever born in 2011. Gracie’s hobbies include playing with anything that moves be it of the 2 or 4 leg variety, and eating. Gracie loves receiving her Ella Treats by post and always insists on helping her mum open up the packet!