Batman and Ketchup

My 2 new friends are Batman and Ketchup, known at Batchup!  They’re both Shih Tzu’s and they came to play last week for an afternoon.  I’ve known Batman for a little while, he is one of my Taste Testers but he got a new brother last summer called Ketchup.  I think he got called this because he’s always at the back and needs to “catch up!”

Mummy took the three of us for a walk around Marbury Park.  We mostly a lovely time and it was sunny and we were all really happy.  The walk started off with me getting chased by a Jack Russell, he was scary and I hid under the bushes.  After that, all the other dogs we met were really nice so I’m glad we got the chasing bit out of the way. Whilst I was being chased and scared, Batman and Ketchup just watched.  I’ve not been on a walk with just boys before and I thought they would have protected me….but no, they didn’t even growl.

Anyway, off we went, me off lead because I’m a good girl and listen to my mummy when she calls me back, Batchup were on leads (he he!!) Every time I looked back at the boys, Ketchup was at the back eating poo!  He ate loads and got no kisses off me.  Then, he got himself tangled up in a thorny branch and mummy had to get someone to hold onto Batman whilst she freed Ketchup.  It looked painful but he was brave and didn’t cry.  He tried to kiss mummy to say thank you for helping him, but she had clocked the poo eating too!

Batman walked with me most of the time but once, I stopped to sniff a branch and I think I was stood still for too long because he must have thought I was a statue or something because he tried to pee on me – what is it with boys? I had to tell him off for that.

The rest of the walk was trouble free and we all got cleaned up when we got home and then had a game of football in the garden, I was in goal as usual.  Then we had some Sausage Squidgies as a treat, mmmmm!

All in all, it was a lovely afternoon and I had a well earned sleep when they went home.