Beach Living

I love the beach!  When I heard we were having a trip out to Formby Beach, I got so excited that I had to chase my tail for 10  minutes before I could get in the car, the excitement was too much!  We were in the car for an hour-ish and I think I annoyed mummy and daddy because I kept asking them if we were there yet but I don’t think they understood me because they just telling me to hush.  Why don’t 2 these humans understand that it is impossible to hush when the beach is your destination?

When we got there, mummy let me out of the car and that was it, I was off, running like I was a puppy and rolling in the sand,  I love it!  We had to walk up a sand dune to get to the beach from the carpark and the sand was quite deep, but I ran like the wind over the dune and there it was…….beautiful Formby Point Beach.  The tide was in, the sand was soft and the sun was shining.  Doggy heaven!

Daddy found loads of driftwood and kept throwing them into the sea for me to fetch.  Mummy is pathetic at throwing but daddy is ace.  I kept seeing these big blobs of jelly on the beach and wanted to sniff them and play with them but mummy and daddy wouldn’t let me.  They told me they were jelly fish, but they didn’t look like fish to me.  There were hundreds of them all over the beach but I was a really good girl and I listened to mummy and daddy and didn’t touch them and I got a big Cheesy Nut Crunchie as a reward.  I really wanted to play with the jelly things but I wanted my treats more!

I made friends with a black Labrador, he didn’t tell me his name, he was far too excited to meet me and help me chase the sticks and swim with me but we got to play for a little while.  I loved it.

The beach is one of my favourite ever places in the world, along with the dishwasher, mummy and daddy’s bed and Cornwall.  I’m lucky, I get to go to Cornwall every October which has loads of beaches and I get to go on mummy and daddy’s bed every day, although they don’t know that……..