Christmas Visitors

I’ve had lots of visitors these last 2 weeks.  First, Father Christmas came to visit on his sleigh with his elves.  He came to our street and he was playing lots of loud music which got me barking.  I sat at the front door and kept my eye on him whilst all the children went up to see him.  He saw me watching and I think he knew I was being good so he came up to me and patted my head and he gave mummy a lollipop!  He didn’t have any treats for me but he promised to bring me something on Christmas Eve.

Father Christmas and I have a secret agreement.  He will bring me presents if I promise not to woof when he comes down the chimney on Christmas Eve.  That’s the easy bit because I am normally asleep, but the hard bit is that I promised not to eat the carrot and mince pie that daddy leaves out for him.  For me, that takes a lot of willpower but so far, I have done it every year, and each year, I have been left a lovely present.  I wonder what I will get this year..?

I have already had a Christmas present – mummy bought me a pheasant which she was going to wrap but I found it so she let me have it early and she bought me something else!

My other visitors were my Peterborough grandparents who came to stay.  They didn’t bring me a present, but I forgave them.  They took me for lots of walks and gave me lots of hugs and kisses instead so I was happy with that.

So, it’s only 10 more sleeps until Christmas and I am SOOOOO excited.  I hope I’m able to be really good until then so I get lots of presents, I know there’s some under the tree for me, but I must not peak….. I must not peak,…..I must not peak!!!!