Climbing a mini mountain

We climbed a mini mountain on Sunday!  Mummy and daddy decided we were going to the Peak District to climb Shutlingsloe, the third highest peak in Cheshire.  I knew something exciting was happening because daddy packed his rucksack and mummy packed my food and water and their walking boots.  This is a sign that we are going out for the day so I was really excited in the car and kept telling daddy to hurry up and drive faster so we could start our walk, but I don’t think he could understand me as he kept telling me to be quiet.  I was just trying to say how much I was looking forward to our day out.

When we (finally) got to the start, mummy looked a bit nervous as she had read the guide book which said we had to start with a “stark climb”.  I think she just wanted a gradual walk up but no, this was heavy going.  I loved it.  I was off running ahead and sniffing around and chasing squirrels.  Mummy kept telling me to slow down and pace myself..she doesn’t understand that I’m a finely tuned dog and can walk all day long!

There wasn’t much water for me to play in, but I did see what looked like a puddle, and went over it to cool my paws.  Mummy then laughed her head off and kept saying I was like the Vicar of Dibley because it wasn’t a puddle; it was a deep hole and I fell in up to my neck!  It was quite steep too so I had a little trouble getting out at first but I managed it without being helped.  I did that thing where, I had to have a quick look around to see if anyone else saw me, but I think I got away with it!!

When we got to the top of the peak, there were 4 other dogs for me to play with so I kept chasing them but they were tired after the climb and didn’t want to play, so I picked up my lead and played catch with that whilst mummy and daddy had a rest.  Mummy gave me some Cheesey Hearts for a snack, but they weren’t hearts at all, they were Easter Egg shaped cheese treats which mummy had iced for me.  Delicious!  Because the other dogs didn’t want to play with me, I didn’t share my treats with them and ate them all myself!

Then, it was downhill all the way………yippee!!