Coastal Walks

I love October because it means we go to Cornwall and I love Cornwall!  This year, my uncle and aunt came to stay with us for a couple of days and they brought my cousin, Darcey, who’s a Jack Russell with them.  She’s tiny ( you can see her on my “Taste Testers” page) and a little timid but I looked after her and we had a great time.

We visited loads of beaches and swam and walked for miles.  Darcey is as good at walking as me and our humans tired out far quicker than we did.  They had to keep stopping for breaks.  They said they were admiring the views but I think they were resting their legs.  (I’ve always said 4 legs are better than 2 but they never listen!)  I swam a lot when the sea wasn’t too rough but I did get dunked a few times.  I didn’t mind really but it got a bit annoying when I was trying to fetch my ball and the waves kept taking it away.  Luckily, I found my ball every time and never lost it.  We saw lots of surfers and I thought it looked like fun.  Maybe next year I can convince mum to get a board and I can sit on it whilst she swims alongside me!

In the evenings, we went to the pub and we got treated like royalty.  The bar staff were so friendly and always gave me and Darcey a pat or tickle behind the ears.  I loved the fuss and wanted to say hello to everyone and I tried to and nearly did but mummy wasn’t very happy when I sneaked behind the bar and almost made it into the kitchen.  Unfortunately, she spotted me at the last minute and grabbed me and told me off.  I also got told off at the beginning of the holiday when I stole 2 sausages out of my aunties bag that she had saved for Darcey.  I know I shouldn’t have taken them but sausages are my favourite things in the whole wide world.  It was just as well that mummy brought a HUGE bag of Sausage Squidgies to Cornwall for me and Darcey to share.

We’ere home now and I’ve got a bath to look forward to……….I think I’ll go and hide next door!