I’m a lucky doggy!  Every October we go to Cornwall for a week.  I always know when this is going to happen because it’s the only time I am allowed to sit in the back seat of the car and Nanna sits there with me.  So when I was woken up at 6.30am (how rude!) and put in the car with Nanna, I knew where we were going.  I also knew that a week in Cornwall meant walking up roller coaster cliffs and walking at least 50 miles during the week, so, I conserved my energy and slept through the whole 5 hour journey – I’m also very clever!

We stayed in a different cottage to normal this time and I soon made myself at home.  My favourite place was on the balcony overlooking the neighbours garden at her cat that took pleasure in taunting me every day.  But enough of that creature…

This holiday, Mummy promised me that she would swim in the sea with me.  I didn’t believe her as she wouldn’t swim on the first few beaches we went to.  I kept running in and out and shaking all over her to get her used to the cold water but she was having none of it.  Chicken!  Then, one day we went to Polzeath beach and Mummy came in the sea with me!

Now, I love swimming and being in the water so was having a lovely time swimming with Mummy, but then, something happened and I got scared.  The sea turned nasty and these big waves kept crashing over me and dunking me.  I lost sight of Mummy, who I think got swallowed up by the nasty sea, so I turned around and headed for Daddy, who was on the beach, laughing at me.  I kept trying to go back in and save Mummy but the nasty waves kept pushing me under, so I stuck to the shallow end and the beach with Daddy.

I got to have some lovely walks during the week and I was always at the front, leading the way with Daddy.  Mummy wanted to rename me “Shadow” but I’m sticking with Ella, after all “Shadow’s Pantry” sounds a little scary!  Mummy made sure she packed lots of lovely treats for me during the week, my favourites this week were Cheese and Cranberry Stars and as I was a brave girl, I got lots of treats – how lucky am I..?