Dog Treats sell at Markets

Ella’s Pantry has been showcased at 2 market stalls – how proud I am!  On Saturday 3rd August, mummy secured at stall at Tarporley Farmers Market and she was there from 0930 – 1330.  On Sunday, she was at Abbey Leys Farmers Market between 0930 and 1300 and both were a success.

I think mummy was a bit nervous on Saturday, with it being her first market and all, because she left home without her phone.  That meant daddy and I couldn’t get updates on how the day was going.  So, me and daddy got in the car and drove to the market earlier than planned and what a surprise we had!  The stall was busy and there were 2 dogs by the stall drooling, waiting for treats to be bought.  Luckily, mummy had some samples out so they were able to try them.  One dog got so excited that she nearly pulled the tablecloth down trying to get to the table so her mummy had to pick her up.  You can see her in the photo, you can also see that I was keeping a close eye on things from a distance.  Our stall was inbetween a lady called Cleopatra who sold South African Breads and Biscuits and Mr Bourne, who sold Cheshire Cheese.  Mr Bourne had a bit of a surprise when a Labrador called Honey, stole a big chunk of cheese out of his stock and he nearly chased her away – until he realised that her mummy is the market owner!  Today, the Liver Cake and Sausage Squidgies were the big sellers.

On Sunday, mummy was not quite so nervous and when me, daddy and nanna went to see her, she was busy selling and talking to lots of people.  The Vegetarian Dog Treats were the biggest sellers of the day which surprised us, I’ve made a note to remind mummy to make sure she bakes more of these for next month.  This day, there were no badly behaved dogs stealing cheese, but, the lady next door to mummy had a stall selling Pies and 2 of the free range chickens on the farm came into our barn and stole some pie.  That was good news for me because she couldn’t sell this pie so I got to have a bit.  It was scrummy!

Our next market will be on Saturday 10th August at Northwich Artisan Market.  Of course, I will be making a guest appearance and teaching all the other animals how to behave at markets.  Please come and visit us and bring your doggies, we have lots of samples for them to try.