Ella’s Pantry goes live!

This week saw our website go live and our first official on-line orders were posted out.  My daddy has done a lot of marketing this week, he got his friends who went on a walking weekend with him to buy some treats as well as his work colleagues in Scotland. My mummy was busy baking and I tried to help but I think I just got in the way.  I get too excited when I smell them baking in the over!

Because mummy has been busy with setting up my website, I have not been to any new places this week, but a couple of weeks ago we went for a short break to the Forest of Dean.  I had a lovely time, especially because the pub that we stayed at allowed me to sleep in the same room as mummy and daddy, something I’m not normally allowed to do.  We also did lots of walking in the Forest and I got to swim in the river Wye.  Even though we were in his forest, I didn’t get to see Dean, I wonder where he was…..

Anyway, I hope you all like my new website, you’ll see there’s a photo of me on the front, but I like the Taste Testers page the best because some of my friends are on it.  Please let me know what you think, I’d love to hear from you.