Glamping in the Dales!

I’ve never slept in a tent before. Mummy said she didn’t fancy the idea because you spend half your time putting it up and the other half taking it down, and in between you get no sleep and can’t get up to go to the loo – well you can but across the other side of the field.

Me and Daddy really liked the idea though so last weekend Mummy agreed to sleep under canvas, as long as it was already up, and it was quite posh. We went Glamping! Being a dog, you learn new words every day and that was certainly a new one on me. But I’ll never forget it now because it was dead good.  It looked liked one of the stalls that Mummy does her Ella’s Pantry markets in – and inside it looked more like a house than a tent as there was a log fire, tables and chairs, and even proper beds!  They must have forgotten I was coming though as there was only two beds, so I had to settle for sleeping on the bed that always comes with us on our travels.

We stayed in the Yorkshire Dales and it was the first time since being born that  I had slept in the county that I was born in. It was beautiful countryside and there was a waterfall right next to our campsite.  In fact, whilst we were there we visited four different waterfalls, and me and Daddy even scrambled behind one, getting very wet in the process. It didn’t matter to me though, because as soon as we got around the other side, I was straight in, having one of the most exciting swims I’ve ever had.

We sat outside the tent, which looked more like a circus, in the evening and Mummy and Daddy bought lots of nice things to eat and drink.  I didn’t want to be the odd one out so I had some Sausage Squidgies and very nice they were too. I don’t think the pigs in the next field realised what it was so that was OK.

I had a lovely night’s sleep and was only woken up when Daddy nipped outside to the loo. Don’t tell  Mummy, but I don’t think he went all the way across to the toilet block….