Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone.  I had a really good Christmas with lots of lovely presents – I hope you did too!  I get so excited when the tree goes up and all those shiny parcels appear under the tree.  All sorts of things happen around Christmas that I’ve now come to expect – a tree appears in our house, funny lights shine, parcels are everywhere, my bed gets moved to make room for that funny tree and  mummy bakes more treats than ever!

This Christmas, because I’m all grown up, being nearly 5, I was really good and not naughty at all.  I ignored all the presents, well, at least until Christmas Eve.  Sometimes, I play dumb because it’s not good for mummy and daddy to know exactly how clever I am, but on Christmas Eve, I let slip my cleverness. I knew that the next day, I would be opening some of those presents and the excitement got too much for me to bear!  I shuffled up to the presents and had a little sniff to see which ones were mine – I spotted them straight away.  Still, I didn’t try to get into them, I just wanted to know how many were mine to open the next day.  Now, I can count a little but my numbers didn’t go up high enough to say how many there were.

After I got told off for sniffing out the presents, I went over to my toy box.  I’m very lucky to have a big box full of toys and lovely things to play with but I knew that I would have to make room for some new presents.  So, I got every single toy out of the box, which I only ever do when friends come to play, and tried to sort them out into piles of toys I wanted to keep and toys I wanted to give away.  I kept getting really strange looks off mummy and daddy, I think they knew what I was doing but couldn’t believe it!  I think I made a bit of a mess because I got told off AGAIN!

Anyway, next morning was Christmas and I got to open all my presents as well as help everyone else out with opening theirs!  My favourite toy was a Blabber Ball from Uncle Kev and Aunty Sarah.  Every time it moves, a funny voice talks to me – I love it!  I got lots of lovely other things as well and a huge hamper full of gorgeous treats from mummy and daddy.  I may have eaten too  many as it seems I have been put on a diet now!