Holiday time!

I’ve been on holiday!  I’ve just come back from spending a week with my nanna and grandad in Peterborough.  I went because mummy and daddy, and 2 of my sisters went to Italy on their holidays and I’m not old enough to be left on my own yet.  I had a lovely time with them but it was a bit hot so I spent most of the days in their garden.  They have a lovely big fish pond and I really wanted to jump in it to cool down, but I couldn’t because it’s covered with a net to keep the big bad Heron away.  But there were a couple of fountains going into the pond so I got to drink from them when nobody was looking!

I think mummy felt guilty about leaving me because she packed me off with a new doggy treat – Salmon Roll.  It was scrummy and if I get it every time she goes away, then I don’t mind how often she leaves me.  She made it with fresh salmon and I think she might sell it at some markets, which is Ok by me.

My nanna and grandad love having me to stay.  They both give me lots of attention and nanna gives me lots of hugs and kisses.  Grandad sometimes takes me to his allotment with him, but he thinks I’m a bit naughty because I keep treading on his plants.  I try to be good but there’s so much to sniff and look at and taste.  It’s very exciting!

Anyway, I’m back home now and last night I went to see my friends again and I told them all about my holiday.  I think they were jealous about the Salmon Roll though…..