Holidaying in Arran

I’ve just had a little mini holiday with mummy and daddy in Arran, Scotland.  We went there for Easter and it was ace!  I got to swim in the sea every day and there were lots of other dogs for me to play with.

We also climbed really big hills and saw lots of waterfalls.  I also saw some animals I haven’t seen before… Squirrels and Seals.  I was allowed to chase the Squirrels because daddy said I’d never be able to catch one, but I wasn’t allowed to play with the Seals.  They were huge and there were lots of them, but I think they were tired because they didn’t do much apart from lay on the rocks and sunbathe.  I did lots of sunbathing too because it was really warm all weekend.

To get to Arran, we had to go on a big ferry.  I was a bit nervous because I didn’t want to be left in the car on my own, but the ferry people were lovely and they had set aside a whole lounge area for dogs and their mummies and daddies.  I got to sit with 3 Labradors, 2 Spaniels and a Border Collie. We all behaved ourselves and got along together.  Daddy wanted to take me up to the top deck, which was outside, but I got a bit scared so we stayed inside with for most of the crossing.

The best bit about the holiday though, was being able to sleep in the same room as mummy and daddy.  That will always be my best memory!