Lazy Days

Hello again!  I’ve had a fairly quiet couple of weeks but I wanted to tell you about my new boyfriend.  Apparently, according to my mummy, I’m a Cougar.  I’m a bit confused about this, because I thought I was a Labrador…..I always trust my mummy though as she does know best, so I suppose I must be a Cougar?

Anyway, my boyfriend is called Luke and he’s a yellow Labrador.  He’s only 7 months old but already he is so handsome.  I’ve been out with him a couple of times now and we play chase all the time.  He’s a bit faster than me and he always catches me, although I do let him sometimes, but don’t tell anyone that!  Luke is so handsome and has the most beautiful eyes, I think I am falling in love!  I know he definitely loves me because he cries when his daddy takes him home.  I hope I see him again soon.

When I’m at home, I spend a lot of time daydreaming about Luke.  Mummy has been really busy baking and selling my treats at lots of markets.  Last weekend she was at Altrincham on Sunday and this weekend she will be going to Spinningfields on Saturday and Marple Garden Centre on Sunday, this means I get lots of time to daydream….but inbetween daddy will be looking after me and taking me on long walks int he country.  I think I may need some snow shoes this weekend though because that man on the telly is saying it’s going to snow, how lovely!