I’m a Mountaineer!

I’m a Mountaineer!  Last week we climbed Mount Snowdon in Wales….and I loved it!

On Wednesday, me, mummy and daddy went to Wales and we stayed in a lovely B&B in Beddgelert where I got to sleep in the same room as mummy and daddy.  That’s always a treat for me!  Later that afternoon, we took the steam train to Caernarfon.  That was my first time on a train…it was a bit noisy and windy as we were in a carriage with no windows.  But I got to sit on the seat and cuddle up to mummy so it was OK.  We had a look around Caernarfon then got the bus back to the B&B.  The bus was scary.  I think the driver thought he was Enzo Ferrari and he kept going faster and faster, even though I wasn’t barking to tell him to and the roads were bendy and narrow.  Daddy got scared and I couldn’t get comfortable.  Mummy said I was a good girl for not getting sick, but daddy looked a bit green at the end of the ride!

The next day we drove to Mount Snowdon.  We couldn’t see the summit because it was a bit cloudy, but we started our walk.  As usual, I got a bit excited and went off at a very quick pace and I kept getting told to slow down and conserve my energy, but it was too exciting!  The walk up to the summit was very steep in some places and we had to keep stopping.  Mummy said it was to make sure I got a drink and a rest, but I think that was her excuse to stop and rest whilst daddy took loads of photos.  Then, we disappeared into the clouds which was really strange.  When we made it to the top, I was really disappointed to only see 2 other dogs, one was a Collie called Isobel and the other was a little Spaniel.  They looked as tired as me and we didn’t really speak much because we were breathless.

After a little rest, lunch and a drink, we started to walk down.  We were still in the clouds but after 10 minutes of our descent, the clouds cleared and we got the most gorgeous views.  As you can see from the photo, I had to stop and admire, it was like I was queen of the mountain!  We all found the descent quite hard, and towards the end, I got really tired and lagged behind but mummy helped me along with some treats.  Today I had my favourite, Sausage Squidgies, as it was a special occasion.

I was never so pleased to see our car as I was when we got down the mountain, I got straight into the car and mummy said I was asleep before the engine was switched on!  When we got home, I got a massage off mummy and we did some stretching exercises and the next day, I was up and ready for my morning walk.  Daddy has said we might climb Ben Nevis next year……….I’m not sure about that though!