Naughtiness at Pets at Home

Last week, Mummy took me to Pets at Home and apparently I was naughty (again!)  Where I live, Pets at Home is the only shop that I’m allowed in so I love going there, especially as there’s lots of things there that I am interested in.  Anyway, when we go, we always park outside the shop and then Mummy lets me out of the boot and I wait to be put on my lead and am normally well behaved.

Well, this time, I recognised where we were going and I got really excited.  There were a couple of other doggies outside the shop and they were calling me over to say hello, so, as soon as Mummy opened the boot I jumped out and ran straight over the other dogs.  It was just coincidence that their Mummy’s went into the shop at exactly the same time that I got to the door but I couldn’t resist going in with them.  Once I was in, I remembered that this shop has loose dog treats in a huge tub so I ran over to them.  They were a little higher than I remembered so I had to stand up with my front paws over the tub in order to get to them.  And this was how Mummy found me when she came into the shop.

I don’t know why, but she seemed to be cross with me for doing this and I got put straight onto my lead and led straight out of the shop and back to the car.  The ladies in the shop didn’t mind that I was helping myself; they seemed to find it funny but Mummy was really embarrassed and wouldn’t let me stay.  I don’t think I’ll be allowed back there again soon 🙁