Playing Statues

Last week we went to the beach again, but this time it was a different one.  We went to see the statues at Crosby beach.  It was quite a strange thing to see!

The weather was a little odd on that day, it was quite misty and mysterious which added to the excitement of going to a new place.  When we got to the beach, I could see all these “people” just standing and staring out to see but I didn’t know what at.  They looked quite sad so I went up to a couple of them and asked if they wanted to play, but they just stood there, staring at the sea.  Some of them were standing on the beach, some looked like they had sunk into the beach and were waist high in the sand, and some were about to drown because they were shoulder high in the sea!

I soon realised that they weren’t going to play with me so I played by myself and with a Border Collie that was there.  We chased balls and each other and it was good fun.  That wind thing was there again though and I didn’t like it because it kept blowing sand into my face.  We then got drenched in a downpour, or at least, Mummy and Daddy did – I was already wet from the sea and then we went to a doggy friendly cafe in Crosby.

The people in the cafe were lovely and I got a lovely big bowl of water from them and Mummy gave me some Liver Cake to munch on whilst her and Daddy had hot soup to warm themselves up with. Then it was time to go home for a much needed snooze!