Queen of the Castle

I love Bank Holidays as I get to go out for the day with mummy and daddy.  This last holiday, we went for a walk in Cheshire near Beeston.  It was a lovely sunny day and a really pretty walk as we had either Beeston or Peckforton Castle, or both, in sight for the whole walk.

We went through lots of fields, over and under lots of stiles, around canal locks and I went for a swim too.  The funniest bit though was when we came to a gate that we had to go through, into another field, and came face to face with a really big herd of cows.  It was funny because daddy got scared and wanted to turn back.  But, by this point we had walked 5 miles and were only half a mile away from the end of the walk, if we turned back, it would have meant another 5 miles and I was getting tired.

I tried to show daddy that I wasn’t scared of the cows, by poking my nose through the gate and trying to lick them, but he was still nervous because last year, we got chased by a huge herd and it scared us.  We had to stand around and wait for daddy to decide when the time was right to go into the field and this took ages and I just wanted to get on with the walk because I knew we were going to an ice cream farm afterwards.  Anyway, we finally got to go through the field.  To please daddy, I was put on my lead but I was really good, I just walked to heel by mummy right through the middle of the herd.  The cows kept trying to come up to me to say hello but mummy kept shushing them along.  I think one of them wanted to lick my ear!  Anyway, all 4 legged animals were very well behaved and we passed through the field with no cause for concern for anyone. (Last year, I was on a lead going through the cow field and all the cows decided to chase us so mummy let me go because I could outrun the cows.  The cows stopped chasing mummy and daddy and instead chased me, it was scary but very exciting!)

At the end of the walk, we climbed up to the top of Beeston Castle where I met a Great Dane called Archie.  He was HUGE! His daddy was giving him some crisps to eat and I wanted some, but daddy gave me some Cheesy Beef Bones instead so I was happy with that.  We then went to an ice cream farm and I got to have the end of mummy’s cone which was deee-lick-ous!  The it was home, and time to sleep……..I do love Bank Holidays!