A Trip to the Vets

I had to go to the Vets this week for my booster jabs and I didn’t like it. I’ve got a new vet and this was my first visit there, which I was OK about at first.

When we got there, there was a lovely Staffy who wanted to play with me, a Rotty who didn’t want to play and a Jack Russell who had a cone on it’s head and growled at anything that came near it!  He He, he did look a little silly and me and the Staffy were teasing it a bit!  Lots of people came and petted me whilst we were waiting to go in and I was quite happy and relaxed and having a little play with the Staffy.  The the Vet called my name.

Before we went into her treatment room, she wanted to put me on the scales, but I was having none of it.  I don’t like those things, they always come up with numbers too high and then I always get my food reduced so I refused point blank to go on them.  And I won that battle!

When we got into the treatment room, the Vet spent ages playing with me and talking sweetly to me, but I had my eye on the door the whole time, and when I saw the needle, I’m ashamed to say, I started to cry.  Mummy gave me lots of cuddles and held me and I really tried to be brave but I didn’t like it when she put the needle in me.

After, the Vet was very nice to me and again gave me lots of cuddles and then started checking me over.  She felt my tummy and looked at my ears and teeth and then…..well, let’s just say a little thermometer came out of the drawer and that’s when I got really upset!  We left soon after that  and I couldn’t get in the car quick enough.  Of course, I got a treat off mummy which I ate, but then I decided to give her the silent treatment when we got home.  It didn’t last long though, mummy asked if I wanted to play football and that was it – yippee!  Time to be Goalie!!