Walking with Friends

We’ve started walking with my friend Lilly, twice a week.  I’ve been friends with Lilly for 2 years, she’s a little Bichon Frise and she’s been one of our taste testers from day 1.  I’ve played with Lilly for the last 2 years and thought I knew her quite well, but she’s very different when we go walking.

When we play together with all our friends, and sometimes there can be up to 13 of us at the same time, Lilly likes to be the boss of us all.  She is the smallest doggy, but that doesn’t matter to her, and we are happy for her to be boss.  She lets us know when we play a bit too rough with each other, and if every anyone new comes up to us, she checks them out and makes sure it is safe for us to approach.  But, when we’ve been out walking, just the 2 of us (and mummy of course), she is really quiet, and very well behaved.  I thought I might have a partner in crime, someone to explore with and go into muddy puddles with and swim with, but no, she is really good and walks by mummy’s side the whole time.  I think she is just trying to get into mummy’s good books because she knows mummy brings her favourite treats on the walks, Sausage Squidgies!

After our walk, mummy brings Lilly back to our house to get us both cleaned up and for a little play, before taking Lilly home.  Mummy always used to moan about cleaning me because, although I try really hard to stay clean, I never do.  Dirty puddles and muddy banks talk to me and call me over to say hello and of course, being a well brought up doggy, I go and say hello!  But, since Lilly has been walking with us, mummy has realised that I get clean really quickly and easily – for me, it takes 10 minutes (and 5 bath towels) to get clean and dry.  Lilly takes 45 minutes.  Yippee!!   This means whilst Lilly is in the sink getting washed, I’m clean and dry and eating all the treats!    Now who’s in mummy’s good books!!!