A week with friends

A couple of weeks ago, mum and dad went away on their holidays so I went to stay with my friend Finlay, and his mum and dad.  Finlay is a black Labrador and he’s a couple of years older than me but just as playful and I had a great time.  His mum, Jo, looks after other dogs as well so I had loads of friends to play with as well as Fin. And, she has horses too so I got to play at the stables in the big field.

I don’t really like mummy and daddy going away, but it’s not so bad when I get to stay with friends and family, and I really felt like one of Jo’s family because I stayed in her home and got to sit on the sofa with Fin – although I think we took up too much space as as there was no room for anyone else but we weren’t moving for anyone!

It was really hot during my stay with Jo and I don’t like the heat too much,( I get really tired and dad says I “plod”.  Not fair!  I keep telling him he should try walking in the heat with a fur coat on) but I managed to stay cool in her shady  garden.  The week went by really quickly and I was back home before I knew it, drooling in the hall watching mummy baking her treats.