Windy Weather

I don’t like the wind and never have.  I don’t understand it.  What is it and where is it, why can’t I see it.?  Daddy tries to explain it to me but how can something so strong that makes everything move, be invisible?  It makes my ears flap and tickles me!

Mummy normally sells my doggy treats at Artisan Markets on Saturdays and I get to spend the day with daddy, but last Saturday, mummy’s market got cancelled at the last minute because of that horrible wind thing.  It blew some of the gazebo’s away and could’ve hurt someone so mummy got to stay home with me and daddy – yay!

We went out for a walk at Shakerley Mere which was ace.  I got to run and swim and chase the ducks and play with other dogs.  The wind thing was still very strong but I was brave because mummy and daddy were there to protect me.  It was hard work walking though because I felt like I was either being pushed back or pushed forwards.  It’s very odd.  Mummy looked liked Medusa because her hair was flying everywhere, daddy looked as unruffled as ever because he doesn’t have that problem!  The one and only good thing about the wind thing is that I got dry really quickly after my swim and so didn’t have to fight the towels when daddy dried me later.  There’s always an upside!